2nd human plague case confirmed in county

A Bayfield-area woman is home after being treated for a week for septicemic plague at Mercy Regional Medical Center.

A family member said she did not want to be identified in the media, but she is recuperating. A prairie dog colony recently died off on their property, he added.



Bayfield Heritage Days coming back next weekend

The 15th annual Bayfield Heritage Days will be celebrated next Friday and Saturday.

The event kicks off next Friday evening at the old...

Durango Bayfield Heritage Days 
coming back next weekend
 Colorado 380x230

Sheep will start trailing south soon from their mountain grazing areas to winter pastures. If you come upon a herd while driving, proceed slowly, don't honk you horn, and follow instructions from the ...


  • Will the real Duke Schirard please stand up?

    For 19 years I had no beef with re-electing Duke Schirard, again and again and again.

    Quiet, dignified, invisible, all business - just the way I liked my sheriffs. Then last spring I was startled to learn that our Duke appointed himself constitutional judge to defend my rights to hold on to my cherished three-gun collection. I learned...
  • Football fans welcome to park at church

    St. Ignatius Parish Council would like to set the record straight concerning parking at St. Ignatius for football games.

    We were contacted by the Ignacio School District and through correspondence and conversations we were unable to reach a mutual agreement.

    However, St. Ignatius never threatened to tow or refuse parking to...
  • Another reader misses opinion columns

    Thank you, Andrew Zeiler, (Times, Aug. 22, 2014) for bringing to the public the absence of our political opinion columns. These columns were often the start of interesting, serious conversations during many types of "get togethers" in this area.

    We appreciated the opinion of local people on state, national and world affairs.


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