Ideas to survive the coming darkness

Friday, Nov. 25, 2016 10:27 AM

By Carole McWilliams

We are entering a long dark time, and I don't mean winter.

I'm guessing that many of the MAJORITY of American voters who voted for Hillary Clinton (or anyone else other than Himself or Clinton), may have struggled with what to be thankful for yesterday. I'd say family (blood relations or chosen), our community, our beautiful Mother Earth.

Some members of this majority may want something more ongoing given the ugliness that's been spreading across our country for many months. Along with street protests, I offer these ideas for what now qualifies as radical resistance:

Practice radical and random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. Act with kindness, politeness and respect to others irrespective of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious practice, social status or immigrant status. It will make you feel good. And politeness is always in style.If you receive kindness (or even if you don't), pay it forward so it can multiply. If you are treated badly, resist the urge to pay that forward. Break the cycle.Support local community service groups with your membership, time, energy and money. Ring the Salvation Army bell and donate whenever you can. Bid in silent auction fundraisers for community service groups. Donate your change into the Bayfield Lions Club jars so Santa Claus can visit our local kids again on Christmas Eve.Shovel the sidewalk for an elderly or disabled person. Deliver Meals on Wheels. Maybe even dare to see if the recipients are lonely and would like to visit. Donate to food drives. Donate to local veterinary offices so low-income residents can get care for their beloved animal companions. Participate in Christmas adopt-a-family efforts - The Sharing Tree in Ignacio or Project Merry Christmas; also similar efforts to support local animal rescue groups.Support the efforts of the Bayfield High School FOR (Friends of Rachel) kindness club. This may be especially needed in the dark time. May we all have the courage to intervene, or at least call for help, if we see someone being harassed or bullied. Next time it could be someone you love who is at risk.Look for opportunities to get involved in your community to make it better. Show up at community meetings. Turn out for Ignacio's Christmas event on Dec. 2, Bayfield's on Dec. 3, Breakfast with Santa and Frosty's Arts and Crafts Fair on Dec. 10, and the Christmas events at Vallecito. As we enter the season of buy, buy, buy, support our locally-owned small businesses. The sales tax you pay is what pays for community services that people expect. Shopping online might be easy, but it doesn't support local jobs or local services. Shopping in Farmington supports their jobs and services, not ours.Spend more time with the positive, loving people who make you feel good about yourself. We need each other. But beware of people who use flattery to manipulate. Finally, stand fast on your ethical values and act accordingly. That's definitely an act of radical resistance.