Change is coming in wake of presidential election, beware

Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016 4:19 PM

By Carole McWilliams

Americans opted for "change" in the presidential election, although I can't resist mentioning again that as in 2000, the "loser" actually won the NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE, in this case by more than 2 million votes.

Himself managed to be sort of presidential for a while after the election, but that seems to have passed. He also was quite conciliatory, at least for a while, and promised to be president for all the people. Would that include people of color or alternative sexuality, people who are not white conservative Christians of northern European ancestry? Even American Muslims? Or that majority that didn't vote for Himself?

If that happens, I'll be happy to say so. But I suspect what he means is all Americans will be subservient to him once he is installed as our ruler.

This past Sunday he made the blue-sky claim that the 2 million vote margin in favor of Hillary Clinton was only because of massive illegal votes by non-citizens. Hey, you won the tally that counts, the Electoral College. You are on track to become our ruler. Apparently that's not enough. So this petty, totally unfounded claim is pathetic. So sad...

I am reminded of two of Harry Truman's best known quotes: "The buck stops here," and "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

I think Himself is going to have trouble with both of those.

So what about that change that Himself's supporters wanted. Let's start with economics.

The big one was jobs. Himself promised to somehow restore 1970s-vintage manufacturing jobs, where a man with a high school education could support a family and buy a modest house. It's one of his promises that will require a magic wand, or unprecedented dictatorial control over how companies conduct their business. That's not very Republican or free market, is it?

One of the reasons so many people have been left in the economic dust, through no fault of their own, is too much technological change too fast; not just sending jobs to China, but the technological changes that have given people's once respectable jobs to computers and robots.

What will Himself do about that? The magic wand again?

One change that's a lot more likely is that the Estate (aka Death) tax will be going away, a great return on investment for Himself's family for what he spent to get elected - not to mention all the ways he can enhance his domestic and global business interests now.

And himself has been naming Washington, Wall Street, and mega bank insiders to his inner circle and cabinet positions.

Funny thing. Himself's supporters wanted to "drain the swamp" of corruption and establishment influence in Washington DC. Instead, it seems we're well on the way to unprecedented corruption/ conflict of interest at the very top. So sad...

I'm thinking Himself's election could be an object lesson in "Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it," but not quite what you had in mind. So sad...