Set goals, or just give up?

Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016 2:19 PM

By Melanie Brubaker Mazur

It's that time again, involving resolutions for the new year.

After 49 years, it's finally dawning on me that I'm not particularly good at suddenly trying to reverse all my bad habits suddenly on one day.

Carole told me she's giving up soda pop.

Since she doesn't drink the stuff, I'd say that's pretty doable.

I used to vow the same with Brussels sprouts, but I actually have been increasing my vegetable intake lately. Sometimes it's bolstered at the end of the day by a glass of V8 with some vodka in it.

I'd like to say we're getting rid of the annoying office cat, Millie, but I know she would refuse to leave, so there goes that idea.

I need to exercise more, as usual.

Clean car? Naw, not going to happen. I can always rationalize reading a good book over cleaning anything, so I'll just toss that one aside.

I used to be a pretty good letter writer, but email has spoiled me. I suppose I can try more this year to actually set paper to pen. It's always nice to get a letter.

Get that novel done? Actually, that's a good goal, and pretty reasonable. I'll work on that one.

I'm glad I've never smoked, and I don't drink much except for one when I get home from work some nights, so I'm grateful those are two bad habits I don't need to kick.

Keep up with my checkups and mammograms? Yep, I am definitely getting better at that!

Whatever your goals for 2017, I hope you'll listen to some advice from Danica Frost, our health expert I interviewed for this week. Instead of a bunch of "nos" and "don'ts," she works with her clients on a more positive approach to help them find a healthy routine that truly works for them.

Maybe she can help me kick that cookie habit.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!