Self-delusion will lead to decline of the United States

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017 3:04 PM

By Dick Carmack

Head-in-the-sand liberals come in all sizes and live in the most unlikely places.

Even out here in the beauty of God's country, you will find those who insist on denying reality and believing every word uttered by the spin masters of the "mainstream media." Mainstream media folks' livelihood depends on doing the bidding of their corporate masters, who are committed to the "New Global Order," where eventually a small group of elites will stomp on the face of the world wearing steel boots. If Soros and other billionaires say black is white, "it must be so 'cause Snopes, ABC and CBS all said it."

For those who are not blinded by their rhetoric, we prefer to call black, black. Propaganda is fake news, and evil is evil.

For anyone who is paying attention, it's not hard to see a subtle, determined effort by the mainstream media to convince people to accept elimination of national borders and merger into one "global village." Hence Obama's treasonous push to import countless immigrants from basically the Middle East in an effort to destroy Christian America with Islamists who refuse to assimilate.

If we study the history of despotism, we find there are three primary tactics in achieving power over a population. One, break large nations into small ones and install puppets as leaders who are easier to control, before eliminating all borders. Two, brainwash individuals into believing they can't live on their own. This is also known as a hive mentality. Third "gun control," where only the Chosen have guns. The failure of controlling guns seems to be what has stopped dictatorship so far, at least around here.

Hellary said a family can't raise a child, "it takes a village." So the Biblical model of a family unit is out and communist "robotism" is in. "Peace" demands the elimination of nations who tend to fight and argue, so we'll create an all-powerful police force, such as "Homeland Security."

"But hey! We got peace!"

Our founding fathers saw the great danger of centralization of power, thus the American Revolution for de-centralization. Literally millions have given their lives for true freedom, but today's students are ready to hand it over to any liberal who will promise another handout and "safety." By the way, is just another establishment mouthpiece for the New Global Order.

So if you're content to live your life in a gulag, then by all means vote for whomever the mainstream media is pushing. If however you want to live as free men, then first of all read and believe your Bible, secondly read history and learn from it, don't just swallow the latest left-wing babble emanating out of New York.

There's soon coming a day when Jesus Christ will return and judge the earth. Until then, things will continue in a downhill slide.

Dick Carmack is a Bayfield native now living in Clough, New Mexico.