Woman honored by CDOT thanks others who stopped

Thursday, March 20, 2014 11:12 PM

I appreciate the accolades in the article that was published March 14, 2014 "Bayfield Residents Honored For Heroics." Scott Key's actions that day were truly valiant. I would however, like to correct the fact that nobody else stopped to help. After Scott pulled the two women away from the burning car, the very next car to drive by the scene after us DID stop. It was a very nice couple who have received no recognition at all for everything they did that night. While I am unaware of their names, they are deserving of acknowledgement as well. The couple jumped right into action. The gentleman stayed with Scott as he administered CPR and offered to take over since I informed him of Scott's recent shoulder reconstruction. The woman helped get Alires into their warm truck and helped calm her down. After the ambulance arrived, the couple drove Alires to the hospital since they did not have room for her in the ambulance. Sure, some people stopped to check it out, but many stopped with sincere concern.

I would hate for that beautiful couple to read your article and feel as if their actions that night went unnoticed. I feel it is appropriate to correct this information. Scott and I did what we hope anyone else would have done that night and I am grateful for everyone who stopped to help us that night as well as support us through it afterward. Some may see it as being at the wrong place at the wrong time. but I think we were put there for a reason. Both of us were willing and able to do what we had to do. It was a very unfortunate incident and my heart is with the family and friends whose  lives are forever changed from it.   

Thank you,

Danica Tarkington