People of La Plata County deserve property rights, pursuit of happiness

Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018 1:52 PM

By Judy Spady

The core values of our county have been recently shaken due to the proposed Land Use Code (LUC) regulations. Thousands of citizens have become concerned. Our property rights are on the line and it is amazing to see the unity within our county. The various districts have come together like a family as the people are speaking up for our God-given, natural rights that were solidified by the American Revolution after the Declaration of Independence was signed.

This government overreach has come from a plan that is an HOA-style "code" that was written by a high-paid consulting firm in Texas. This code could, negatively, affect all of us whether you rent or own a small lot, or a large ranch. The unnecessary regulations will impact small businesses, farmers/ranchers, and individual citizens who just want to host a family gathering but who will be told in what manner they can do so.

The people can remedy this by being neighborly and by putting aside all political divisions in order to design a plan for our county that represents all of our viewpoints. A liberty coalition has come together to reflect the voices of the people and to fix this proposed "code." The liberty coalition is not operated by any outside organization and the group insists on removing political barriers from any discussions. Isn't it time that we all come together in unified strength, which is needed to define the future of La Plata County?

The only Land Use Code that is needed is a bare-bones minimum that reflects the voices of the people; the idea of zoning should be closely scrutinized. Any regulatory plan should be very small and narrowly defined by the people in their respective districts. Big money and big government has never been the face of La Plata County.

The best solution for peace and prosperity is for the people to get involved and do their part of upholding their Constitutional duty to our Republic and to stand up for the protection of our God-given rights, including property rights or "the pursuit of happiness."

As an individual property owner of La Plata County, this could financially damage me, in addition to my neighbors.

Government needs to get out of the business of trying to control and manage the people through regulations. Community expectation is that the county officials begin listening to the people and to do their ONLY job, which is to protect our rights.

Judy Spady is a Bayfield-area property owner and concerned citizen. She can be reached at