Behavior continues to embarrass the United States

Friday, Feb. 9, 2018 1:25 PM

The big political news from Washington D.C. has been Republican Congressman Devin Nunes's memo purporting to summarize top secret security documents that we can't see. It's for transparency, to show how the FBI and the Justice Department are biased against our Dear Leader. He was on Dear Leader's transition team, so we can be confident of his impartiality.

But Democrats on Nunes's Intelligence Committee, which Is supposed to be meticulously nonpartisan for the good of the country, weren't allowed to release their rebuttal memo at the same time. The full committee did approve releasing it on Feb. 5.

But the release will have to be approved by Dear Leader himself. We'll see what happens ...

Dear Leader was up early Monday morning, tweeting juvenile name calling against the lead Democrat on the committee. Later in the day, our mentally stable genius called Congressional Democrats un-American and then treasonous for failing, during his State of the Union speech on Jan. 30, to give him the adulation that he expects and desperately craves. Note that Dear Leader expects absolute loyalty to him personally from his government minions, as opposed to loyalty to the country or the Constitution. What should we call that?

The dueling memos have to do, of course, with special prosecutor Robert Mueller's investigation into Vladimir Putin's efforts to sabotage our election system and into Dear Leader's people's dealings with that enemy foreign power. National Public Radio reported Monday that the Russians, along with the Alt Right, flooded Congress with tweets supporting release of the Nunes memo. Interesting.

Dear Leader denies any Russian meddling in the 2016 election, because that would imply he didn't win solely on the basis of his total awesomeness. The rest of it is a witch hunt, Dear Leader says over and over and over.

The Nunes memo overshadowed the State of the Union speech. Dear Leader proclaimed that he will keep the Guantanamo Bay prison open. We need to wonder who he wants to send there. Will that be just Muslim terrorists? Political opponents? Vocal critics, media fact checkers, those who fail to give absolute loyalty to Himself? Climate researchers? Those who try to protect our precious land, air, and water from depredations of the fossil fuel and mining interests for their short-term profit maximization?

The list could go on. Where will it start, and where will it stop?

Carole McWilliams