Where have land-use code critics been for past year?

Friday, Feb. 9, 2018 1:25 PM

I'm glad to see my neighbors getting involved in the county planning process!

My two cents: I only read the Herald headlines online, but I've known that the planning process wrecked last time and the county was slowly beginning again. The question of who the consultant was, how much was spent, was all raised last time with different commissioners and probably different staff.

There's a lot in this document that makes us Libertarians in the southeast part of the county ask: Have y'all even BEEN out here?

I'm so frustrated with picking fights like this!

On the other hand, while I appreciate the Liberty Coalition helping folks get involved, I really question how late this is - where y'all been? We all heard about this last time! I'm also frustrated by the obvious, huge amount of money behind this effort. The presentation alone, what did that cost to produce, much less the cost of renting the facility? Who paid and what's their goal? We all know Americans for Prosperity has come to town. Do we all know the havoc created in Jefferson County School District when AFP-backed school board members created a spectacle?

Not only did the effort fail, the recall cost taxpayers around $500,000. AND it organized the left, which won! Now AFP's here.

Americans for Tax Fairness estimate the Koch brothers, the money behind AFP, are saving at least $1 billion from the recent tax cut. Next day, they gave $500,000 to Paul Ryan, U.S. Speaker of the House. Y'all want those neighbors?

Laurie Roberts