Keep outsiders out of county affairs

Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018 4:53 PM

Some local landowners, concerned about proposed changes in the Land Use Code draft, are signing on to a recall campaign against Commissioner Gwen Lachelt. It looks homegrown, it feels homegrown, it IS homegrown ... but it's also being stoked by outside corporate interests.

Americans for Prosperity has a new office here and admits that they are taking "an active role to influence La Plata County's land-use code (and) to reach out to residents directly...". Further, the recall petition was drafted by oil and gas attorneys hired by Dave Peters and Christi Zeller. They single out Lachelt because of her very effective work lobbying in D.C. for us all, on a position approved by the Board of County Commissioners to reduce methane flares on public lands., "A coalition of 'We The People' Working to Protect and Preserve the Historical and Constitutional Rights of the Citizens of La Plata County", is hosted by a subsidiary of Liberty Action Monthly, Inc., which also lauds Jim Traficant about the Launch of Project Freedom (do you remember that crook?), gerrymandering to preserve the white vote, and The Liberty Beacon.

Do you see any patterns here? It's kind of like Russian Bots in the 2016 U.S. elections. You either see the dots, or you don't.

Please, decline to sign the recall petition against a twice-elected, hardworking official of La Plata County. If you're concerned about the proposed draft LUC, then participate! Let's work together to solve our county's upcoming challenges, and let's keep outsiders outside.

Anne Markward