Recall is a waste of county money

Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018 4:53 PM

I admire some petitioning to recall Commissioner Lachelt. They're willing to be involved in politics.

I question the accuracy of their claims. The recall charges Commissioner Lachelt went to D.C. for "private gain." County commissioners must interact with other governments. All do it when federal actions affect the County. This area is a methane hot spot.

Gwen traveled to D.C. to lobby to protect the Methane Flare Rule. No charge was levied against Commissioner Blake for his trip to D.C. for EPA funding for the Bonita Peak Mine clean-up. Both trips were paid for by groups other than the county.

An ethics review of Lachelt and Blake was done and found them innocent of violations. That wasn't enough for Mr. Peters who repeats the accusation. Lachelt's meeting attendance is criticized in the recall as "much lower than any other commissioner." She attended one less meeting than the others. An inaccurate claim, not grounds for recall.

Many are upset about the first draft of the Land Use Code. It needed modification, has had some, and will have more. Targeting Lachelt alone for this work in progress is clearly political. This recall is political targeting by long-time political opponents of the commissioner. Should the county spend $60,000 for a political disagreement?

Peters and Zeller won't wait until the November mid-terms to save money. If you agree with Commissioners Blake, a Republican, and Westendorff, a Democrat, this recall is ill conceived don't sign it, don't support it, and don't waste La Plata County funds.

Andrew Zeiler