Bayfield trustees should say no to retail pot sales

Friday, March 2, 2018 11:04 AM

Matt Salka, Mayor of Bayfield, expressed his weary thoughts on the many meetings held regarding lifting the ban on marijuana sales in Bayfield. With a show of hands at the last meeting out of the 60 people that came, only about a quarter of them were residents of Bayfield.

Maybe the lack of their participation comes from already voting NO before on a ballot or else those using the FEDERAL ILLEGAL DRUG are buying it elsewhere or growing their own. Both of the previous meetings we've attended had folks stating why they didn't want to see it come to our family oriented town. Although many of us live outside of the jigsaw puzzle town limits for voting, we still support the businesses, town events, school functions and call Bayfield our home too!

Putting this issue on another ballot that only allows registered Bayfield voters to decide the future of our town is like a slap in our face! We have higher aspirations for our town than to become known as just another Potsville in Colorado. Within a short driving distance there are about 20 dispensaries competing for customers. Don't add to the availability of the drug that is illegal under federal law!

Since when do we pick and choose which laws to obey?

Recently La Plata County approved two new marijuana-growing facilities, but had concerns on the amount of water to operate them as well as the security measures necessary to ensure safety. Will extra water drain off some of Bayfield's source if the ban is lifted?

The money you might make will be consumed by added law enforcement and the loss of the town's image as a place where generations have raised their families and new people are coming here to escape the marijuana environment. The owners of pot shops and their employees don't have a Data Base to enter sales immediately with finger printing and photo ID to be used by other shops to prevent "Loopers" from going to other stores during the day to buy more than the 1 oz. allowed by law. It's been proven that the honor system has gone out the door when green turns to greed! Are the extra ounces sold out of someone's trunk to others who shouldn't have the drug?

Joe McIntrye, Bayfield Marshall, emailed us that "Currently Colorado State patrol is still in the trial/testing phase of trying to find an acceptable and appropriate testing device for drivers." The legal amount for driving in Colorado with pot in your system is 5 nonograms of THC, the psychoactive drug in marijuana. This is found in a blood test, but without an acceptable testing device, this leaves many innocent travelers at risk.

The board continues to kick the can down the road instead of making a decision with the information the board has heard from the many meetings and prior voting by Bayfield residents. Now the board has voted to keep the ban in place pending a study of the economic impacts, with the possibility of putting the issue to a public vote AGAIN!

I guess we don't count as productive participants in the community.

We have been telling our young people for many years to "SAY NO TO DRUGS". What kind of a message are you sending to them when you continue to rehash this issue? Are you putting a dollar value on a human life? Drug abuse may not always end in suicide, but the families that have to deal with someone addicted to any drug is a long painful and stressful lifestyle. A young useful life is never allowed to grow to its potential.

A death is never forgotten!

Tony and Anne Schrier

Forest Lakes