Dem asking for support at Democratic assembly

Thursday, March 15, 2018 3:45 PM

My name is Root Routledge, independent Progressive Democrat.

I'm one of the four candidates in the race for Congress in Colorado's third district.

My website,, shares my personal background as a Westerner. I care deeply about protecting the Colorado we know and love - our public lands, clean environment, water conservation, rural needs, strong local economy, renewable energy, and fully funding wildland fire fighters.

Beyond that lie strategic issues our country faces the other candidates are not addressing adequately. Our country's future viability is at risk. I focus on "strategic gateway issues" and the values behind them.

You will find a summary of these strategic issues on my website and how I intend to address them.

Washington is well represented with experienced politicians and lawyers; but apparently not many problem solvers.

If you like my values and my vision, I'm asking you to support my candidacy for Congress in this Saturday's Assembly vote.

Root Routledge