Youth cheer team takes 2nd at state

Thursday, March 2, 2017 7:22 PM
The Bayfield All Star Flyers, a group of 19 girls, took second at state cheer competition in Denver on Feb. 25.
Members of the Bayfield All Star Flyers took second place at recent cheer competitions in Denver and Loveland.

The Bayfield All Star Flyers journeyed to state cheer competition in Denver last weekend and took second place in the youth Division II competition.

"We were just two-tenths of a point away from first place!" said Annette French, the girls' coach and owner of Bayfield Gymnastics.

"I'm so proud of them. I couldn't ask for more."

Last year, the squad won the competition, and they've placed in the top three for the past four years, "so they're getting to know us in Denver!"

The event was the Colorado State Champion cheer competition at the Denver Coliseum, with 1,000 youth competing. The 19 girls on the Bayfield squad are five to 11 years old.

Shayden French, a sixth-grade student at Bayfield Middle School, took sixth overall in the individual competition.

"It takes a pretty high level of tumbling skills," to compete individually at state, Coach French said of her daughter. "She competed as part of the team, as well."

Gymnastics and cheer provide a good foundation for youth to continue in high school, French said.

"You can excel in almost any sport," she said, noting that many basketball players in Bayfield started in gymnastics, where they develop strength, agility and coordination. "It has given them a great foundation and self-confidence."

In the next few years, she hopes to be able to take her athletes to national competitions. The team's assistant coach is Bryce Vaughn, a senior at Bayfield High School.