Rep. Tipton doesn't represent SW Colo.

Friday, March 30, 2018 2:06 PM

Scott Tipton does NOT represent me. Big oil, Big banks, NRA, yes, but NOT me.

I believe climate change and the continued degradation of our planet is the most significant threat facing us: melting permafrost in the northern Arctic unleashing more carbon, methane, mercury, and potentially dangerous microbes as winter temperatures soar for the fourth winter in a row; Antarctic ice loss accelerating, shattering records - a NASA study says "We're entering a new age;" 25 years of NASA and European satellite data showing accelerating sea level rise; our Southwest facing increasing water shortages (some Vallecito neighbors are drilling new wells); the Sierra Nevada Mountains are almost an inch taller due to water loss; we are the methane hot spot; we experience more and more extreme weather events; etc.

Facts Matter. The 2017 League of Conservation Voters (LCV) scorecard gives Tipton a 6 percent score on environmental issues; Tipton's 2016 LCV score was 0 percent. There is hardly any ANTI-environmental standard he failed to support: increasing methane pollution, turning back smog standards, blocking wildlife protections in Alaska, blocking local input about public lands, increasing pesticide pollution, assaulting clean water and clean energy, supporting Keystone XL pipeline, attacking EPA science, and on and on.

If you value clean air and water, a healthy environment, wildlife and biological diversity, clean renewable energy, the integrity of science, and having a say about these issues (so where are our face-to-face town halls?) Tipton does not represent you either.

Come November, we can certainly do better.

Marilyn McCord