Flashing yellow lights are dangerous at U.S. Highway 160 intersection

Friday, March 30, 2018 2:06 PM

A double tragedy took place in Bayfield March 17; an accident took the life of a well-known and beloved gentleman. The other party involved is also a well-known and beloved lady. Both families are suffering and hope their faith can get them through this in time.

I believe the traffic light at that particular intersection is a huge factor in this case. I know of least six accidents that have taken place there when the yellow arrow is flashing; the view of oncoming traffic is obstructed by traffic in the turn lane and vehicles are often traveling faster than the other driver realizes, or they are not seen until too late. I am hoping CDOT will change this light and help prevent more accidents.

There have been at least two more close calls there in the past two days. My deepest sympathy and regards to both families.

Phyllis Ludwig