Read a paper - or two or three - this week

Thursday, April 19, 2018 1:29 PM

This is Colorado Journalism Week, so there have been some celebrations of our work in our newspapers and on social media.

It's hard, of course, when you're working in a rapidly changing industry.

But hey, we're still here! So we can celebrate that.

Professional journalists are the folks who attend school board and town meetings. We write about the fundraisers for local cancer patients. Our readers can clean up their garage by placing a classified ad. And newspapers make handy firestarter on a cold winter night. Not a bad deal for 50 cents a week!

To everyone who advertises and reads the Pine River Times - thank you for supporting your local newspaper.

Some news from earlier this month:

Bayfield High School hosted its first college game ever when the Colorado State University Rams came to the gym to play Northern Arizona University on April 7.

I have seen lots of high school volleyball, but never a college match before, and dang, could those women HIT! And dig and jump - it was truly an impressive display of athletic ability. And it was even better, of course, because two of those athletes, Maddi Foutz and Kirstie Hillyer, are BHS alums. The NAU team obviously was talented, but fans could definitely see why CSU has won the Mountain West title for several years in a row.

It was exciting to see so many girls from the Diggin' it in Durango volleyball tournament watching college women playing their sport.

The players were mobbed after the game, but I had time to ask Maddi if it was strange playing back on her home turf again. She said actually it was, because she never thought she would be back to play at BHS.

Thank you to Terene Foutz, coach of Four Corners Volleyball Club, for arranging this visit to Bayfield.

HHHLa Plata County will no longer have a locally-owned bank now that the sale of First National Bank of Durango has been announced.

I have some friends who work in the banking industry, and they've told me the days of locally-owned banks are pretty much over. Consolidation will keep happening in the industry.

As the former owner of a small business, I can understand that, but it was nice back in the old days when you knew most of the people on the board of your local bank. Now those boards are in other states.

I hope the new owners make an effort to keep as many employees as they can in the Durango and Bayfield banks.