Honor our planet Sunday, every day

Friday, April 20, 2018 11:05 AM

Sunday is Earth Day, the one day of the year that we honor our global life support system. Since it's the only one we've got, it seems it should be recognized every day. Everything in nature is connected - the plants, animals, humans. We aren't separate from nature. Nature always bats last.

But the Trump regime has declared open war on our precious land, air, and water, and our environment, in support of short-term profit maximization for fossil fuel and mining interests. They don't even bother to pretend otherwise.

It leaves me angry and depressed for our futures with ever more frequent and extreme weather events. What good are apologies to children and young adults for the political, economic, and ecological messes that they'll inherit, thanks to the rich and powerful old people who created them but who won't be around by then.

The recent activism of young adults gives me some hope for the future of our country and world. Please, please register to vote as soon as you are eligible and then turn out to actually vote. The rich and powerful old people are hoping you don't. They're doing their best to convince us that the entire system, democracy itself, is so corrupt that there's no point in you participating.

That makes participating a revolutionary act. Register to vote, seek out fact-based information about what's happening, support fact-based news sources, and then vote to take back your futures from the short-term profit maximizers. Start now, for yourself, your children and grandchildren, and generations beyond.

Carole McWilliams