Parents needs to demand accountability, change in Bayfield School District

Friday, May 4, 2018 2:00 PM

Attention parents of students in Bayfield School District.

A school board meeting will take place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 8 at the Bayfield Administration Building.

We are asking for parents to show up at this meeting to support us as we have been added to the agenda and will be informing the board members of issues that are continuing problems within our district. The issues that we have planned to bring to the attention of the board members are:

1. Enforcement of the student/parent handbook rules by administration

2. Getting confirmation that the middle school bathrooms will never be closed again during class time due to non-enforcement of the handbook rules

3. Requesting an additional teacher be hired to support the gifted and talented students.

4. Expanding the offering of electives at the middle school to include more academic choices.

5. Timely and consistent grading where teachers are held accountable

6.Teach all religions or quit allowing Buddhism into the district

7. Free speech in relation to the articles printed in the student written Timely Wolverine in relation to transgender, homosexuality and equality among all students.

If you live in Bayfield and pay taxes, this is your issue as well. We need community support to demand change within our district!

April Rodstrom