Local psychiatric care needed for our youth

Thursday, May 10, 2018 11:47 AM

Yes, another kid gone and family crushed. The toll continues to mount and still nothing substantive is being done ... consultants ... excuses ... PhD types studying the problem ... community meetings with one attendee.

If you think this is not enough, sit down and hand write a letter to the Board of Directors at Mercy Regional Medical Center and beg them to put money towards a pediatric or adolescence psychiatric wing at Mercy. Tons of money just went for hospice, the end-of-life versus this issue at the beginning of life.

Recruit medical doctors in that sub-specialty. They are rare but we can afford it. Centura is soon to be contracting with beds in Centennial but every pediatrician and mental health worker will tell you if the family isn't involved with a kid's mental health issues, in therapy or in-patient, it doesn't work.

Most families in La Plata County can't take time off to stay in Denver to engage in their kid's therapy. The only in-patient beds are in Grand Junction and Colorado Springs currently. Kids are usually insured with Medicaid, C-Chip, or parents insurance, so there is no reason to not engage this as a business decision, however callous that may seem. WRITE A LETTER or ENGAGE the BOARD AT MERCY.

Many of us in the community are willing to help raise the money. This community can do great things! THIS should be one of them.

Bruce Evans