Re-elect incumbents to the LPEA board

Thursday, May 10, 2018 11:47 AM

La Plata Electric Association is not for sale! Our elections have turned into dirty partisan politics. It started last year when some candidates learned if they spent enough money they could turn LPEA into selling to the highest bidder. Thousands of dollars are being spent so a small group can take over control of LPEA in the name of renewable energy, even though LPEA and Tri State are national leaders in the renewable interest.

Ask yourself why would someone write a check for $30,000 to help certain candidates if he didn't expect something in return? It costs about $3,500 to mail a post card to all the members in a district. Radio and newspaper ads are not cheap. Why would special interests bankroll these candidates? Because they want the power to control LPEA for selfish personal interests. It is about money, not renewable energy.

I suggest asking the candidates in your district to tell you who has contributed to their campaigns and how much. It is unfortunate that the politics at LPEA are more about money than serving our members.

LPEA is not broken and provides affordable, reliable electricity to our members. I urge you to vote for depending on which district you live in: District 1 Bob Formwalt, District 2 Kohler McInnis, District 3 Gene Fisher, and District 4 Karen Barger. These candidates are paying for their own campaigns, they understand the issues, have integrity and will work for all the members, not just their friends.

Please vote.

Franklin Anderson