School board member needed

Thursday, May 10, 2018 11:48 AM

It was great having a full house at the Bayfield School Board on Tuesday.


Many meeting nights, there are staff members who are speaking at the meeting, and me, your local newspaper gal, is the only member of the public attending.

After two parents spoke, the room pretty much emptied out.

I get it - it's a week night, there's school, most families are working multiple jobs, and shoot, there are nights when I just want to get home and watch the Rockies.

But honestly, the most important part of the meeting was coming up, the need for a new school board member.

Crickets chirp.

School board is tough. It's unpaid, there is a lot of public criticism, and members are deciding difficult issues: expulsions, teacher contracts, and there are phone calls at night on all kinds of stuff. This week, it was wrestling mats.

And don't get me going on the unfunded mandates from the state and feds, plus the collision course of TABOR and the Gallagher Amendment that affect our school funding.

So thank you to everyone who serves on the Bayfield and Ignacio school boards. The Bayfield board is planning to start accepting letters of interest after the May 22 meeting, and parents are always needed for the school advisory committees, and the district advisory committee. These are areas where parent involvement is truly needed.

Thanks for reading.