Hold legislators liable for health care

Friday, June 1, 2018 10:26 AM

Our current healthcare system is out of control. In La Plata County, many farmers, small business and individuals spend $25,000 to $45,000 per year in health insurance premiums and deductibles. And, it just keeps getting more expensive every year. Our legislators seem to be uninformed and unwilling to help us in our struggle with the enormously expensive, inadequate coverage, narrow network of providers in our current profit-driven system.

Nothing is moving forward at the federal or the state levels to address the problem. The one action our legislators accomplished ensures that we will have even higher costs next year by removing the individual mandate. Many feel that they don't want more government involvement in health care, and that less regulation will lead to more private competition and lower premium costs. That won't happen as long as private insurance is profit driven.

We need to advocate for ourselves by electing legislators who truly care about creating a workable health care solution that doesn't cause medically-induced bankruptcies. We need to work together and be a force that decides who we elect this November. And we need to keep working until we have people in Denver and D.C. who will help us out of our current unsustainable health care fiasco. There are options that are already being successfully used in the U.S. (Medicare) and many other countries around the world. To learn the facts about how we pay for healthcare in the U.S. and what are workable options visit

Jan Phillips