We need to end partisan war together

Friday, June 1, 2018 10:26 AM

A prominent presenter recently said there's a civil war in the U.S.

So far it's a cold war, with few fatalities. The sides haven't taken up arms yet. Like all wars it's disagreeable for all, which is most of us. So far the war is one of words. People attack each other's political views, based on their values and beliefs.

The group "Right Wing News" reports conservatives feel disrespected; attacked by TV hosts, award shows, and academics.

Many liberals feel disenfranchised, with a conservative president and a conservative majority in Congress and the Supreme Court. The president condemns liberals, never includes them. Conservatives call liberals socialists or "libtards." Liberals call conservatives fascists or "wingnuts."

It wasn't always this way. There was a time we could speak with, listen to, and respect each other despite differences. Regardless of our politics we respected each other as people. There's an opportunity to restore some understanding across the divide, to help call a truce in this war. is a website to help us communicate and understand each other.

It was founded by John Gable, a Republican who worked for Trent Lott, Mitch McConnell, the Republican National Committee and George H.W. Bush, and Joan Blades, co-founder of the liberal

Look at the site. Watch their TED talk, "Free yourself from your filter bubbles."

I'd like to engage in this truce to see and be seen by others who don't see eye to eye with me. Would you? Contact me at

Andrew Zeiler

Gem Village