3 BHS players named All League

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 3:42 PM
Bayfield senior Misty Helton (18) enjoys a pre-match high-five with head coach Jen Moore prior to BHS' State Tournament match this season in Colorado Springs against St. Mary's. Helton was named Second Team All-League.
Bayfield's Savannah Kaufmann receives congratulations from Sophie Turner (19) after a goal this season at Montezuma-Cortez. The two seniors were named First Team All-League, with Kaufmann also sharing Player of the Year honors.

After making a run at Bayfield's single-season goal-scoring record, senior forward Savannah Kaufmann was a virtual runaway choice for not only First Team All-Southwestern (a.k.a. Intermountain) League, but the 3A/2A circuit's Player-of-the-Year.

"That's definitely an honor," said Kaufmann, who totaled 24 goals in 2018 and shared POY status with Alamosa senior forward Katie Parkins, who broke the 30-goal mark. "It's kind of cool to see how all of the hard work and passion that I have for a sport really paid off, to end my senior year."

Joining Kaufmann as All-Leaguers were First Team senior midfielder Sophie Turner and Second Team senior midfielder Misty Helton. Turner scored five goals and assisted on four others, while Helton scored seven times and aided six-meaning head coach Jen Moore will have to go about replacing more than two-thirds of BHS' goals scored and precisely half of the team's assists.

"That's thing with us three," Kaufmann said. "We have different strengths in different areas, and that really showed on the whole field. You could really tell when one of us was missing; we've been playing together for four years and know how we play."

It was no surprise that the trio split Most Valuable Player status at the team's recent awards banquet. Kaufmann won awards for most goals and most assists for the team.

"Last year we did struggle a lot," said Kaufmann, "and I think this year as seniors we pulled together, involved the freshmen in things, and really put teamwork first. We really added good leadership this year, I think."

Bayfield's Freshman-of-the-Year award went to Halle Loveday (seven goals, five assists), while Most Improved Player went to freshman Brooke Merchant (two goals, one assist). Most Valuable Defender went to sophomore Tayler Ludwig, the Coaches' Award to freshman Madison Wells, the Wolverine Character Award to junior Peri Milner and JV MVP to freshman Cayenne Carlson.

Used during her BHS career at positions from back to front, goalie to striker, Kaufmann's versatility was well-known throughout the Southwestern League. But she expects a different versatility to serve her well in the next phase of her life.

"I am going into music," said Kaufmann, planning on eventually attending Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Calif. "And I love soccer, but I chose music. I can play.. Guitar's my main one, and I can play drums, I can play bass, piano, the tenor saxophone, the ukulele. Those are probably the ones I could really sit down and play along with a song or write a song with."