Sheriff notifies residents of sex offender living in Bayfield

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 3:36 PM
Ian Taylor

The La Plata County Sheriff's Office has notified some residents in Bayfield that Ian Vincent Taylor, a convicted sex offender, is living at 83 S. Mesa Ave, near Bayfield Parkway.

Taylor, 25, was convicted of sexual assault on a child in 2016.

Some residents have asked why Taylor is being allowed to live a few blocks from Bayfield Elementary School.

There are no restrictions under Colorado or Bayfield statutes on where a sex offender can live, said Cyrus Nabors, a deputy with the sheriff's office. He can only be restricted by his probation officer, Nabors added.

According to information from the sheriff's office, Taylor's cases involved adolescents, but Nabors said he can not release any further information on the conviction to protect the victims. Law enforcement does inform the public of sex offenders' releases "when offenders have been determined to present high potential to re-offend," according to the notice from the sheriff's office. Taylor was released from custody at the end of May.

Anyone with questions regarding Taylor may contact his supervising probation officer, Paul Udero, at 247-0982 or Deputy Nabors at 382-7069.

According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website, there are at least four registered sex offenders living in Bayfield, with several more outside of town limits.