Bayfield Middle School students shouldn't apologize for newspaper article

Friday, June 8, 2018 1:09 PM

In response to the May 22 article, "Bayfield Middle School students apologize for article in school newspaper."

I left the May 22 school board meeting feeling perplexed and shocked.

Why were students apologizing for someone else's newspaper article? I reached out to the author of the article in question and this is what she said:

"They came up to me during lunch period to warn me to not try and shove my opinion into other peoples' throats if I did end up coming to the meeting (which I was unfortunately not able to come to).

"They did mention something about an apology, but the lunchroom was too loud for me to clearly decipher what they were saying. I did not know that they apologized about my article (which I am not sure why they did, as I wouldn't consider my article inappropriate).

"I thought that they were apologizing to me because I could not tell what they were saying, and I did not know why they would feel the need to apologize to me, so I just nodded along, saying 'yeah that's fine.'

"I don't understand why the article in the Jan. 6 issue had some wording that was not appropriate for the newspaper."

This brave young girl who wrote articles for her school newspaper with the intention of shedding light on LGBTQ issues did nothing wrong and she has absolutely nothing to apologize for.

In fact, we should be applauding her calls to support the LGBTQ people in our community.

I tip my hat to you, young lady!

Robyn Baxendale