Clean energy is a win-win for Colorado

Friday, June 22, 2018 4:52 PM

Like most Coloradans, I am interested in seeing our state transition toward a clean renewable energy economy. Benefits include lower energy costs, lower greenhouse gas emissions, better health, and increased jobs, a win-win. What politician would argue against these things for their constituents?

I am perplexed by our Congressional Rep. Scott Tipton. He just published a letter touting the benefits of increased fracking of gas on our public lands titled "We Must Utilize Western Colorado's Vast Natural Resource."

We have a much vaster natural resource in Colorado than fracking more methane gas - our abundant sun and wind! Yes, the sun does not always shine, and the wind does not always blow, but shouldn't we be taking advantage of these low-cost clean alternatives when they do and take advantage of new storage technologies?

Investing in more fossil fuels just doesn't add up. Why would we want to pay a higher price for gas energy when the cost to our environment is compromised by fracking waste fouling our water, land, and atmosphere?

Perhaps Tipton is not aware of the atmospheric methane "hotspot" captured from by NASA satellite imagery above the Four Corners area, amounting to the size of Delaware.

I do not trust a profit-driven gas company to put their money toward capturing their own waste, when they can emit for free and pass those costs along to the general public. I do not trust a politician who accepts money from the fossil fuel industry.

Jo A. Kopke