Hypocritical Democrats are advocating for violence in United States

Thursday, June 28, 2018 2:51 PM

It is hypocritical that suddenly the leftist Democrats are discovering that our politics and culture are getting more violent. Like so much of what they say, it is just another tactic.

The Democrats don't really care, they just will do or say anything to recover power. It was the Democrats that repeatedly assaulted the Trump supporters during the 2016 election.

It's the Democrats since George H W Bush that have called every Republican presidential candidate a Nazi.

Even though the Democrats, with their anti-Semitism, their violent tactics and their willingness to call groups of people untermensch (non-person), are much closer to the Nazi policies. It's the fascist left that don black clothes and black masks and carry baseball bats to assault anyone who doesn't think like them. It is that same left that shouts down any ideas that are different than their own.

It was the last Democrat vice-president that said that Republicans would put blacks back in chains, but doesn't support the Republican policies that made black unemployment the smallest in decades.

It was that last Democrat president that enlisted the power of the government - the EPA, the IRS and the FBI, to defeat his political opponents. It worked in 2012, it didn't work in 2016.

It's the Democrats in Hollywood who build themselves up among their peers by using coarse language against the president and his administration. It was a Democrat that shot at Republicans while they were playing softball. It is the Democrats who after losing the last election came up with the colluding-with-Russia scheme to nullify the constitutionally-elected president.

It is the Democrats with the help of the left wing media that is willing to tell any lie to defeat the Republican president. It is the Democrats who are encouraging the harassment of the families of the Republican administration.

Yes, our culture is getting more violent. But violence, intimidation and outrage are tactics of the leftist Democrats.

As long as people vote for Democrats, they are voting to increase the violence.

Gary McMurtrey