It's Bayfield, not Potsville

Thursday, July 5, 2018 1:24 PM

The Ignacio Town Board voted no; they didn't want that kind of quality of life in their community. It was a statement to their leadership to maintain their existing ban on any marijuana business in town.

To the Bayfield Town Board, you will have to offer classes to help the few eligible voters decipher the many facets to this ballot. It is a can of worms being put on one hook.

This ballot allows a minority to decide the future for the majority that calls Bayfield their hometown, too! How many business owners, fire department responders, school district personnel and families live in your jigsaw-puzzle voting district? They are the backbone of this town, but have absolutely no voting right.

Choosing a 500-foot buffer will pit neighbors against neighbors due to existing zoning.

Dispensaries offer edibles that look like treats to our kids. Do you want some pot user offering this to your child? Exposing them to this addictive drug? We have children on their own in the summer months who come into our museum or on their way to our parks. Will parents continue to feel safe to give them this freedom in our family-oriented town?

Law enforcement knows more about marijuana's negative aspects than we do. There is no database dispensaries use to report who buys the daily one ounce allowed by law. This allows loopers to go from store to store, buying more and selling in the black market.

No reliable blood test while driving is presently available.

Have you considered the damage this addictive drug does to a person, their ability to reach their potential as a productive person?

The combination of alcohol and marijuana is an accident - or death - waiting to happen. You can't put a dollar amount on a person's life!

Tony and Anne Schrier

Forest Lakes