We need to dump Washington politicians

Friday, July 13, 2018 2:26 PM

It seems that nowadays we hear the opinions and news of the Democrats and Republicans blaming each other and news gossip (opinions), not necessarily facts.

In 1996, Clinton passed an immigration law that was a bundle of provisions with a single goal: to increase penalties on immigrants who had violated U.S. law in some way (whether they were unauthorized immigrants who'd violated immigration law or legal immigrants who'd committed other crimes). Now, of course, the Democrats blame the Republicans for creating it and enforcing it. Neither side can decide what to do and have created a very negative political environment.

I do not think that our brainless politicians can agree that English is our language. To make matters worse, we have a president who loves social media, a.k.a. the gossip grapevine, the most worthless media invention ever created.

I do believe an excellent start would be to fire every politician, ban both parties and delete the benefit package they have created for themselves. Then, elect senators and representatives based on their qualifications, not their brainless party allegiance. Make sure they are not attorneys.

That sure would be a major improvement, and maybe the Four Corners area can get the Colorado news we have been asking for, and our politicians have only given us lip service.

Let them find a real job.

Tony Schrier

Forest Lakes