Town of Bayfield lifts fire restrictions

Monday, July 16, 2018 5:05 PM

On Monday, the Town of Bayfield lifted the emergency fire restrictions put in place on June 11.

The following restrictions were lifted:

Agricultural burning including but not limited to weeds, brush, or grass.

Any open flames, including camp fires, stove fires, charcoal grills and barbeques.

Outdoor smoking.

Use of any explosives materials, including fireworks and solid fuel rockets.

Outdoor welding

Operating outdoor equipment or machinery in an undeveloped area.

Off road use or parking in an area that presents the possibility of sparks or exhaust heat igniting surrounding flammable vegetation.

Burning of trash, refuse or other debris.

In a press release, the town noted that permits from the Upper Pine Fire Protection District are required to burn waste paper, yard waste, or other combustible material outdoors in town, and it is unlawful to burn any hazardous material in the town.

Additionally, it is illegal across Colorado to use fireworks which fly through the air or explode, including cherry bombs, bottle rockets, M-80's and Roman candles.