County treasurer apologizes for campaign filing mistakes

Friday, Aug. 10, 2018 4:12 PM

I want to apologize for my mistake as a first-time campaigner in filing documents with the Secretary of State. I am so sorry if I caused any concern with my personal monetary contributions to my campaign four years ago.

I recorded all contributions from other people, as well as all expenditures, in order to be transparent. To cover my obligations, I put my own money in to my campaign bank account, but naively did not know to record these with the Secretary of State. When I became aware of this error, I called the Secretary's office for help. The employee there was extremely kind. She said first time candidates often make this mistake. I fixed this as soon as I knew about it. At the treasurer's office when mistakes happen, we fix them. We ask, "What happened? Why did it happen and how can we prevent it from happening again?"

Sometimes the answer is not easy to implement. A county treasurer's office is complex. Not only are there accounting and business guidelines to follow, but also state and federal laws. In La Plata County we process over 150,000 transactions per year with just three very talented and dedicated people.

I thank them every day for their hard work. I value your respect for the office of county treasurer.

Allison Aichele

La Plata County Treasurer