Ronald Reagan would loathe Donald Trump's cronyism with Russia, Putin

Friday, Aug. 17, 2018 4:09 PM

The sainted Ronald Reagan called the USSR (now Russia) "the Evil Empire." He must be turning in his grave as our current so-called president sucks up to Russian strong man Vladimir Putin (maybe in hopes of getting that luxury hotel in Moscow that he's wanted since the 1980s) and dismisses the ever more insistent warnings from our own security agencies.

Even more, it now seems that it's become a "thing" in Republican circles, as part of required unquestioning fealty to Donald Trump, to also be infatuated with Russia. Sen. Rand Paul was cozying up with them. And in early August, National Public Radio cited a recent Gallup poll that 40 percent of self-identified Republicans considered Russia to be a friend or ally. Back in Reagan's day, this was called being a Communist dupe, or worse.

The NPR web site had a picture with the above story of two very middle-aged white men at a Trump rally proudly sporting T-shirts that said, "I'd rather be Russian than a Democrat." My suggestion for a response T-shirt is, "I'd rather be a Democrat than a stooge for Vladimir Putin."

All this makes me think the Republicans should change their animal symbol from the elephant (a wonderful animal) to the lemming. And I'm thinking that a hammer and sickle symbol should be added to all those red Make America Great Again caps, and all of Trump's campaign banners.

Carole McWilliams