Support the mill levy increase for the Pine River Library

Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018 2:41 PM

Please vote with me in support of a modest mill levy for our fantastic Pine River Library this November!

It gives so much to us that it becomes the heart and center of our lives here.

My HOA has used the conference and community rooms (for free); I've attended (free) morning meditations and watched (free) movies with popcorn in the evenings; I was blown away by two spectacular (free) concerts in the park on sunny afternoons and have attended (free) web maintenance groups, and called the library for miscellaneous bits of local information.

Our Pine River Library has given rise to creative groups like Pine River Arts, and inspired original programs to spark fun and fancy for everyone, like the ukulele shows and free check-outs for learning and practice.

And our beloved library has done all of this (and a whole lot more) without a mill levy increase for the past 19 years!!!

But recently, it has taken some very stiff hits to its budget, and is facing additional cuts due to sharply reduced tax revenues.

So it is now our turn to show our enthusiastic appreciation for our library and all of its amazing programs and services and staff by happily voting YES in support of a Pine River Library mill levy increase this November.

Susan Karraker