Bayfield marijuana sales will be on November ballot

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018 1:40 PM

Voters in the town of Bayfield will decide in November if they want to lift the ban on selling medical and recreational marijuana in town limits.

It will be the first local vote on the ban.

Town trustees approved the final resolutions on the sales and ballot language Tuesday night.

Colorado voters approved the statewide sale of retail marijuana in 2012, and since then, a town ordinance banned its sale in Bayfield. The town of Ignacio is keeping its ban in place, and town trustees have said they have no desire to lift it or put the issue before voters.

The resolutions would allow up to three marijuana dispensaries in town, with a more thorough background check of owners than what is required by the state. Hours would be limited from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., up to seven days a week.

David Black moved to approve the resolution, which was seconded by Matthew Nyberg. The board voted 6-0 to approve the resolution. Kelly Polites recused herself because she is considering opening a marijuana dispensary.

If there are more than three applications to open dispensaries, the town will hold a lottery for applicants. There are reportedly several groups who are interested in opening marijuana businesses.

The board also approved a final subdivision plat of the seventh phase of the Clover Meadows subdivision, with one final condition, the improvement agreement, to go back before the board by the Sept. 18 or Oct. 2 board meeting.

The subdivision developers signed an agreement with the Schroeder Ditch Company to pipe the ditch in the subdivision. Ditch company representatives said the ditch is up to eight feet deep in places, and it was a liability to run open next to homes.

"This involved some really fine compromises," Polites said. "We're going to get some housing for Bayfield."

Eric Nelson, the owner's representative, said there will be 20-feet and 40-feet easements on each side of the piped ditch. Bayfield does need more housing, he agreed, "and this is really exciting."

Board members approved a request to let the developers, Cory Gosney and Michael Snooks and their partners, pay park and road fees as each lot is sold, for a maximum of three years.

The proposed subdivision is located on 23 acres north and south of the eastern portion of the Clover Meadows Subdivision. There are 54 single-family residential lots proposed, along with multi-family housing on five acres.

The town has hired Amy Lyons as a part-time contractor to serve as the finance director. Lyons previously worked as the budget director and interim superintendent at the Bayfield School District. Previous director Erin Dunavant has moved out of Bayfield.

Trustees also approved a utility rate study by FEI Engineering for $23,310.

Trustees also voted to list titles of public notices in the Pine River Times, but publish the text on the town website. When the town publishes legal notices pertaining to its land-use code, large notices can cost several hundred dollars to publish, said Town Manager Chris La May.