Sean Smith needs to go, vote for Charles Hamby

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018 2:16 PM

As an individual who was born and raised in La Plata County, I decided it was time to give my input on this election.

I have had the opportunity to work with both Sheriff Sean Smith and Charles Hamby. Smith took office in January of 2015 after running on a platform of "expect more," along with a severely embellished resume and work history. Smith has lived up to his slogan in the way that he dedicated more patrol resources to Durango and close proximity, ignoring the rural areas.

He has depleted staff in the jail, creating an unsafe environment for staff, inmates and the public. He also managed to promote his wife within the sheriff's office in the first year of taking over. He has had more staff turnover in one term than his predecessor had in multiple terms.

Smith was asked by the Rotary Club of Durango to nominate one of his staff members for employee of the year. Smith nominated himself. When asked why, he stated "because I won the election."

Smith's arrogance can be likened only to that of the president. Let's not forget Smith's total mishandling of the homeless situation. All of Smith's mishandlings can be attributed mostly to his inexperience. Charles Hamby brings to the table real experience and a real love of La Plata County.

He has worked and supervised in most areas of the sheriff's office and has a level of honesty and integrity that is unrivaled. So vote for true experience, vote Hamby!

Garrett Valencia

Waddell, Ariz.