Upper Pine ballots reaching military voters

Thursday, April 17, 2014 9:54 PM

I sure wish the Bayfield town clerk and manager would have consulted with the Upper Pine Fire Protection District to learn how to conduct an election. 

Upper Pine Fire is taking its upcoming election seriously.  They are making sure that everyone gets a chance to take part in its May 6 board election.  The boundaries of the fire district are the same as the boundaries of the Bayfield School District.  So they are "working" with twice the number of voters as Bayfield did, but Upper Pine made sure that our military voters get to take part. 

My son called Upper Pine April 1 to request a ballot and was told that military ballots listed with the La Plata County Clerk's office had already been mailed.  Sure enough, ballots were delivered Saturday, April 5 to an aircraft carrier off the coast of Spain and a house in Virginia Beach - two places the Town of Bayfield couldn't find.  Well, that may not be true, they may know where those places are. Apparently, the Bayfield Town Clerk just wanted to do the absolute minimum to call something an election.  No wonder they could only get 100 people to vote out of the 1,600 registered voters.  

I believe that everyone should make a special effort to support our military voters and show the Bayfield Town Clerk that if she would attempt to do more than just put on a sideshow, maybe more than 100 voters would take part in her next election.

Please show your support and vote May 6 for the Upper Pine board of directors.  I want to extend my thanks to the election folks with Upper Pine Fire District for going the full distance to ensure that their election is an actual complete and fair election.

Bill Faust