Librarians share love for reading with our children, vote yes on 6A

The Pine River Library is a jewel in our community. By now readers have heard the many reasons to vote for the mill levy increase, but I would like to add one more. It is to retain the wonderful...

DATE: Oct. 30, 2018 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Colorado Senate District 6: Vote for Unger

Colorado Sen. Don Coram's legislative record does not support reelection. His lifetime environmental voting record, as scored by Conservation Colorado, is just 35 percent, and his education voting...

DATE: Oct. 30, 2018 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Aichele deserves re-election as treasurer

This is a forward-looking letter. I support re-electing County Treasurer Allison Aichele. I was shocked reading the Herald endorsement of her opponent. On the basis of credential and experience,...

DATE: Oct. 30, 2018 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Vote yes on library, cemetery and fire district, no on pot sales, no on changes in public notices

Bayfield voters have some big decisions to make when they cast their ballots, which are due on Tuesday, Nov. 6. The top issue for many voters is whether Bayfield should decide to allow marijuana...

DATE: Oct. 23, 2018 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Carefully consider party line votes during this year's election

The mid-term elections are less than a month away. Many of us have already made up our minds whom we will vote for. I'd like to remind many people of a national editorial written by eminent...

DATE: Oct. 23, 2018 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Vote yes for Pine River Library

When I moved to Bayfield four years ago I really did not know anyone. I was told that the library had a garden club that met once a month, so I decided to attend one of the meetings. Everyone at...

DATE: Oct. 23, 2018 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Colton Black is unprofessional, unfit to serve as county official

Before Colton Black was running for county treasurer and before I knew who he was or that he filed for bankruptcy, I had an awful, unprofessional, and inappropriate customer service interaction...

DATE: Oct. 23, 2018 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Support Unger for Colorado Senate

Clean air, pure water, and healthy soil to grow our food. These are the essential elements of life on earth that we literally cannot live without. While our short term financial and material...

DATE: Oct. 23, 2018 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Legal pot sales in Bayfield will be disaster

416 Fire was a disaster for some Durangoans. Proposition 417 for Bayfield is another disaster if it is voted in !! We as a community have been so proud of our family-oriented town and now all of a...

DATE: Oct. 23, 2018 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Former legislator provides recommendations for 2018 ballot

Here are my recommendations for this year's ballot. Amendment V, lowering the age requirement for legislators from 25 to 21. Vote no. To serve in the legislature you need to have at least some of...

DATE: Oct. 23, 2018 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Aichele works hard as county treasurer

I am incredibly saddened by the attacks on Allison Aichele, La Plata County Treasurer. I worked closely with Allison for her first three years as treasurer before I moved away last December and...

DATE: Oct. 23, 2018 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Pot sales would bring taxes to Bayfield

Because cannabis dispensaries and other peripheral operations such as testing and grow facilities were banned in Bayfield, and because the fact that cannabis remains a legal product within the...

DATE: Oct. 23, 2018 | CATEGORY: Opinion

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