Be FRANK raising funds for orchestra

The Be FRANK Foundation is growing faster than ever. We stand For the Recreational and Artistic Needs of Kids. The support from our great community has been overwhelming and we couldn't be more...

DATE: Aug. 28, 2014 | CATEGORY: Opinion

San Ignacio Fiesta thanks donors

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the 114th annual San Ignacio Fiesta and hope you enjoyed yourself. Congratulations to Grand Marshal Josefita Herrera; the parade grand prize...

DATE: Aug. 28, 2014 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Grazing on public lands isn't free

Grazing on public lands keeps the ecosystem healthy.  Underbrush and other fuels are grazed, reducing the threat of forest fires.  Hoof action churns the soil, stimulating grass seeds, promoting...

DATE: Aug. 14, 2014 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Bayfield All-Stars, PRYB thank community

The Pine River Youth Baseball Little League and our 9-10 Bayfield All-Stars would like to thank all of our supporters this year for a wonderful season of baseball and helping our All Star team...

DATE: Aug. 14, 2014 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Superintendent addresses changes at Bayfield schools

By Troy D. Zabel Dear Bayfield parents, guardians and community members, I hope you have had an excellent summer with time for relaxation and recharging your batteries. The district has been busy...

DATE: Aug. 7, 2014 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Crane, Phelps families thank communities

Thank you to Stephanie Dennison, a teacher at Bayfield Middle School. You have done so many wonderful things for Aria Crane since her cancer came back. Taking the time to go walk with Aria, her...

DATE: Aug. 7, 2014 | CATEGORY: Opinion

McLachlan rude to kids in Fiesta parade

On Saturday, I was participating in the 114th San Ignacio Fiesta parade. I had the misfortune of witnessing 59th district representative Mike McLachlan treat two small kids who were riding dirt...

DATE: July 31, 2014 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Four Corners Rally welcomes volunteers to free lunch

Hi volunteers! I am looking forward to working with each of you again this year!  There are a lot of exciting plans for the 2014 Four Corners Motorcycle Rally!  If you have not done so yet, check...

DATE: July 31, 2014 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Help appreciated for rubber ducky race

The Bayfield Chamber of Commerce thanks and appreciates everyone who took the time to sell or buy a rubber ducky race ticket for the 4th, and we appreciate all of our volunteers! Our race winners...

DATE: July 31, 2014 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Bayfield has reasonable policies for water bills

In response to a letter that Bill Faust wrote (Times, July 18) I must say that he appears to have ignored a big part of what the town manager and clerk had to say. The due date on our town bills...

DATE: July 24, 2014 | CATEGORY: Opinion

Downtown dogs are driving neighbors crazy

I'd like to alert residents of downtown Bayfield that there is a movement afoot to take back our neighborhood from barking dogs and inconsiderate neighbors. This morning (Tuesday, July 22) I was...

DATE: July 24, 2014 | CATEGORY: Opinion

McLachlan protects citizens and gun rights

Being an effective elected official requires strong leadership. I am proud of our state representative for standing up against violence in Colorado by supporting background checks for all gun...

DATE: July 24, 2014 | CATEGORY: Opinion

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