Our bodies need sleep to learn, work, maintain health

By Jacqueline Juliana Bayfield Primary School Sleep...We've all heard the saying, "You snooze, you lose!" This upsets me. I love to sleep and can't seem to get enough. So, being in education, and...

DATE: Aug. 25, 2016 | CATEGORY: Talk of the times

Bayfield superintendent explains school bond issue

Editor's note: This is a condensed version of a letter sent to Bayfield School District parents on Aug. 4. By Troy Zabel I am so grateful to be part of this community, starting my sixth year as...

DATE: Aug. 18, 2016 | CATEGORY: Talk of the times

Election rigging is real

Back in May 2003, the party that controlled the Colorado Legislature pushed through what was called "midnight redistricting" at the very end of the legislative session. The goal was to help members...

DATE: Aug. 18, 2016 | CATEGORY: Talk of the times

Conservative voters should support Colorado Care

By Guinn Unger This coming November, Coloradans will vote on ColoradoCare, Amendment 69. As I talk with folks about this initiative, people seem to think that liberals will vote Yes and...

DATE: Aug. 11, 2016 | CATEGORY: Talk of the times

Special-interest groups often don't serve Colorado districts

People tell me that they like hearing what it's really like to be a legislator. So, I'll give you a bit of the bigger picture of being a legislator. With 10 years' worth of experience at the...

DATE: Aug. 4, 2016 | CATEGORY: Talk of the times

America needs a savior, we are told

By Carole McWilliams I do errands in Durango about once a week. There are annoyances generally related to traffic or needing a product that's on the top shelf at South City Market, but each time I...

DATE: July 28, 2016 | CATEGORY: Talk of the times

Water, highways top list of legislative priorities

By J. Paul Brown The sheep are in the mountains, and we are very thankful for a good lamb crop. We will move each camp in the high country every week with horses and mules and will return to the...

DATE: July 21, 2016 | CATEGORY: Talk of the times

Strike back against the ugliness

What an irony that our readers got their July 8 Times with the article about the award for the Bayfield Marshal's Office at the same time they were getting news of the sniper killing of five police...

DATE: July 14, 2016 | CATEGORY: Talk of the times

Bayfield hits a homer on 4th of July fun

I love the 4th of July, although sometimes, I wish we could have the 4th off. But that's not the way it works when you have a job at a small-town paper where Independence Day is the big town...

DATE: July 7, 2016 | CATEGORY: Talk of the times

Declare independence from health-care greed with Amendment 69

By Don Martin Two hundred-and forty-years ago, American colonists struggled hard with deep ideological issues with Mother England. Life in America was hard. Yet England continued raising taxes...

DATE: June 30, 2016 | CATEGORY: Talk of the times

July 4 triggers uneasy feelings

In Bayfield we take great pride in our Independence Day activities - the Lions Club breakfast, the parade that's grown too large to go around twice, the park activities, the fireworks that are...

DATE: June 30, 2016 | CATEGORY: Talk of the times

County asking for tax increase for Road & Bridge Fund

Courtesy La Plata County Board of Commissioners La Plata County crews are responsible for ensuring that our 653 miles of county roads provide residents and visitors safe, efficient routes around...

DATE: June 24, 2016 | CATEGORY: Talk of the times

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